The EB Grammar Program

Our standards-aligned grammar program is practical, engaging, and supports students

as they master the grammar standards and actually apply the skills to their writing. 


We’re on a mission to make the biggest impact possible and change the way middle school teachers teach grammar. We hope you'll join us.

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The 3 Pillars of the EB Grammar Framework

Direct Instruction

Make use of our helpful PowerPoint presentations and guided notes to enlighten students on the grammar concepts you want them to learn. Our fun student-facing videos are another fantastic way for your teachers to deliver all this great grammar knowledge! Measure students’ understanding quickly and effectively with simple assessments.

Engaging Games

Harness the power of engagement with our hands-on games that help students practice and remember what they have learned. Each skill includes a low-prep game (just print and pass out) and a more complex game (a printable board game or card game). These games are also perfect for spiral review throughout the year.

Application to Writing

Empower students to apply their grammar knowledge with Application to Writing Checklists - encouraging students to employ particular skills as they write. Along with tips on how to modify existing writing rubrics to assess specific grammar skills, our program helps your teachers seamlessly integrate grammar instruction with writing.

This straightforward process of direct instruction, engaging games, and spiral review gives teachers the confidence and direction to help students master the grammar standards, while students become confident, skilled writers and communicators who naturally apply grammar rules to their writing. 

What's Included in The EB Grammar Program?

Robust Resources for Each Skill:

Each grade level in The EB Grammar Program includes a variety of resources for your teachers to successfully implement a grammar curriculum that directly impacts student achievement. 

download 7th Grade Samples
download 8th grade samples
Example Student-Facing Videos + Teacher Presentations
Grammar PD That Actually Helps

Through our annual live grammar workshop and on-demand professional development training, teachers will develop effective strategies to engage students in learning grammar through interactive activities and games, enabling them to apply their learning in their writing.

Teachers will also gain insights into identifying and addressing common grammar errors, enhancing their ability to provide targeted feedback and support for their students. 

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