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The Results

12,000+Ā teachers (and counting)Ā have seen the impact of EBĀ Academics' Programs in their classrooms



say they would recommend EB Academics to other ELA teachers.



have experienced an increase in confidence in their reading and writing instruction.



say EB Academics has alleviated stress in their personal and professional lives.


What Teachers Are Saying

Christal Walton
5th & 6th Grade ELA Teacher, 17 Years Teaching

There was one thing that provided less stress: EB lessons. I did not have to worry about planning anything because I had done so long before this moment. I now have more time with my family without taking away from my students.Ā 

Katie O'Brien
5th-8th Grade ELA Teacher, 11 Years Teaching


I love how my students always know to expect rigorous activities, but they are also eager to do them due to how engaging they are. It's awesome to see how far they've come and how capable they are!

Our standards-aligned curriculum and Professional Development opportunities are designed specifically for grades 5-8 ELA teachers. Our programs get students mastering the ELA standards and increasing their learning outcomes.
Amy K.
6-8 Grade Writing Teacher

I come from a SPED background. I wish I had the EBW Program when I was a SPED teacher. I did have IEP students in my regular ELA classroom last year…. they thrived with EBW. They needed a little more attention as we wrote the first essay with EBW, but after that they took off. It was amazing.

 Tiffany D.
7th & 8th Grade ELA Teacher

 My students love it and have improved so much in their writing. In all honesty, I used the EBW format for my graduate papers this past semester. I did the first one in the EBW format because I wanted to show my students another type of writing in that format. My professor was blown away by the organization of my papers and how well-written they were! EBW does work. It goes beyond middle school, beyond high school, and even works in graduate studies!

Chesnei T.
6-8th Grade Sped Teacher

My 6-8th special education students have flourished! When I got this years 8th graders, they could only write about 5 sentences. This year, they wrote a legit essay complete with claims and counterclaims and everything. This program has been amazing for them. They benefit so much from the sentence stems and specific outlines.