The EB Writing Program

Our writing curriculum transforms students into critical and analytical writers

as they master the writing standards and increase their learning outcomes.


We’re on a mission to make the biggest impact possible on the way middle school teachers teach writing. We hope you’ll join us.

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What will The EB Writing Program do for you? 


of teachers have seen an increase in student confidence while developing their writing styles.



of teachers have experienced an increase in knowledge about how to implement writing instruction.



of teachers have experienced an increase in confidence in their writing instruction.

This standards-aligned writing curriculum was designed for grades 5-8. It is the single most effective way to get students mastering the writing standards and increasing their learning outcomes.

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The EB Writing Program equips teachers with the resources, tools, support, and confidence to teach writing at a high level - meeting the needs of all learners in their classroom through engaging and rigorous writing assignments, activities, and lessons.

The 4-Unit Transformational Process

that gives teachers the confidence and direction to facilitate growth in student writing!


The EBW Approach©

Learn how to confidently introduce our proven literary analysis writing framework to students and what it looks like in the classroom.

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Persuasive & Argumentative Writing

Transform student opinions into killer persuasive and argumentative pieces with this powerful framework.

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Learn a step-by-step process that simplifies each component of expository essays with activities that actually get students excited about writing.

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Narrative Writing

Discover a creative unit that will provide you with the structure that students want and need to craft an interesting and meaningful narrative.

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Scaffolded Materials

Utilize an assortment of materials that are designed to help every student grow their confidence in writing and support teachers with the steps to do so.

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Supporting Resources

Interact with a variety of supporting graphic organizers, student-facing videos, writing examples, and outlines to help build clarity into student writing.

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Example Student-Facing Videos for each unit

This 4-unit transformational process gives teachers the confidence and direction to transform students’ writing.

Unit 1: Master the Writing Standards - The EBW Approach©

A successful middle school ELA curriculum is rooted in writing about literature.


Unit 2: Nail the State Writing Prompts (without teaching to the test) - Expository Writing

Now that you’ve witnessed how the EBW Approach© can transform your students into exceptional writers who critically analyze literature, it’s time to apply the framework to expository writing. Here you’ll uncover activities and lessons to help students practice applying their newfound skills to different styles of writing.


Unit 3: Conquer the Craft of Persuasion -  Persuasive & Argumentative Writing

In this unit, students will learn to transform their strong opinions into killer persuasive and argumentative pieces. Here, they will learn a framework to help them refine their writing technique, so they can get results when it comes to causes that matter to them. This unit will guide students to effectively use logic, reasoning, and researched facts to craft an argument that will get noticed.


Unit 4: Master the Art of Storytelling - Narrative Writing

Narrative writing should be a fun and creative writing opportunity for students, not a diary of every fantastical or rambling idea that ever crossed their mind. Luckily, this unit will provide you with the structure that students want and need to craft an interesting and meaningful narrative.

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