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Our Annual Professional Development Offerings
Batch Planning Live

A 2-Day Live Workshop that provides an opportunity for teachers to learn our foundational EB Lesson Planning Approach - a teaching framework that guarantees high-quality lesson plans and ensures teachers are aware of the specific academic standards that students are mastering. 

 Test Prep Workshop

In our Test Prep Workshop, we empower your teachers with effective strategies to help their students feel prepared and confident for upcoming standardized tests. Our approach ensures that your teachers won't feel like they're solely focused on "teaching to the test" for weeks on end.

Upon completion of this training, your teachers will leave with a well-defined schedule, engaging lesson plans, and interactive activities to implement in their classrooms, yielding immediate results for their students.

Grammar Workshop

Through this workshop, teachers will develop effective strategies to engage students in learning grammar through interactive activities and games, enabling them to apply their learning in their writing. Teachers will also gain insights into identifying and addressing common grammar errors, enhancing their ability to provide targeted feedback and support for their students. 

Writing Workshop

This professional development workshop focused on the EBW Approach® aims to teach teachers how to guide their students to write compelling claims that are backed by evidence. The workshop will equip teachers with strategies to help their students craft premises, find relevant evidence from the text to support their reasoning, and craft strong justification sentences using high-level thinking skills.


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